What are the benefits of Seal Oil Omega-3?

Seal Oil Omega-3 offers a wide range of proven health benefits for people (and pets) of all ages. These include, but are not limited to, benefits to:

Cardiovascular health

➵ reduces risk of cardiovascular disease; improves circulation and reduces the risk of blood clots; fights plaque buildup in arteries.

Joint health

➵ Reduces inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Improves mobility and reduce joint pain.

Cognitive health

➵ Boosts central nervous system and brain function. Can improve memory and other cognitive abilities. 

Mental Health

➵ Can help regulate and stabilize moods and reduce anxiety and the effects of stress.

Fetal health

➵  Aids the development of the baby’s brain, eyes, and nerves.

Baby health

➵  Omega-3 seal oil increases DHA levels in breast milk, enhancing early development; babies of mothers who regularly consume seal oil Omega-3 also show better immune function.

Maternal health

➵ Omega-3 fatty acid can help reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Fitness performance

➵ Athletes who consume Omega-3 seal oil have experienced less fatigue, better muscle activation, increased VO2 max, and overall improved performance.

Senior health

➵ seal oil contains DPA, a rare Omega-3 that has been shown to be particularly efficient at fighting inflammatory diseases (such as arthritis), promoting cognitive function and brain health, and improving nerve health.

Pet health

➵ most of the benefits humans experience apply to pets too. Omega-3 seal oil is great for overall pet health, including skin, coat, heart, mobility, and immunity.

What is DPA?

Docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) is a Super Omega-3. DPA absorbs 22% better than EPA and DHA which means you get even more Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and heart health-boosting benefits. 10x more efficient in endothelial cell migration than EPA; it plays a crucial role in repairing damaged vessels. Optimizes intake of Omega-3s.It is rare to find high levels of DPA in nature. In fact, seal oil and human breast milk are two of the only natural DPA-rich substances (trace amounts of this crucial Omega-3 can be found in some fish and beef). 

What is the difference between EPA, DHA and DPA?

All three of these fatty acids work together to support the healthy functioning of our bodies, boosting heart health, joint health, brain health, and immune system function. As well, each brings specific advantages: 


➵ Supports cardiovascular health

➵ Reduces joint inflammation

➵ Lowers cholesterol


➵ Boosts brain function

➵ Pregnancy and breast feeding

➵ Helps combat mood disorders

➵ Improves ocular health


➵ Repairs damaged vessels

➵ Fights inflammation

➵ Optimizes Omega-3 intake

➵ Boosts absorption of EPA and DHA

Omega-3 seal oil for health

Is seal oil better than fish oil?

Yes, Seal Oil has better Absorbtion. Seals are mammals, and the fatty acids found in seal oil are identical in structure to those in humans. This means faster, better digestion and absorption by the human body. Fish oil structure is unrecognized by the human system, resulting in a longer digestion time and overall poorer absorption.

Seal Oil has a complete fatty acid profile. Seal oil contains DHA, EPA, and DPA; fish oil contains only DHA and EPA. DPA is valuable to the human body, specifically shown to help fight inflammation, boost immunity, and more. As well, DPA increases the body’s ability to absorb and use the other fatty acids, making it a true powerhouse.

Seal oil is also 100% pure (fish oil tends to be chemically altered), more stable, less prone to oxidation, and has a healthier cholesterol profile than fish oil.

Does seal oil help sexually?

Yes, Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in seal oil, are components of male and female sex hormones. As well, by boosting cardiovascular health—improving circulation and fighting the buildup of plaque in the arteries—Omega-3s can also increase sensation. 

Omega-3s are also good for brain health and have been linked to dopamine production (the “feel-good neurotransmitter”). Dopamine can trigger or enhance arousal, libido, and sexual response.

Is seal oil good for lowering cholesterol?

Yes, Seal oil Omega-3 has been shown to promote a better cholesterol balance. For those battling high cholesterol, it can be a valuable natural supplement:

➵ Seal oil’s natural cholesterol balance has HDL or “good cholesterol” in a higher ratio than LDL or “bad cholesterol” when compared to fish oil.

➵ Seal oil has been shown to lower overall cholesterol levels.

➵ DPA—found in seal oil, but not in fish oil or plant-based sources of Omega-3s—is of particular benefit to the circulatory system. The consumption of seal oil, and specifically the DPA in seal oil, has been linked to the historically low levels of cholesterol and heart disease among Inuk populations.

Is seal oil good for the immune system?

Yes, Leading an overall healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, enough sleep, and exercise, is the best thing you can do for your immune system. Ensuring your body has all the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids it needs to fight off illness and inflammation is an important factor. Seal oil Omega-3 supplements can be a valuable part of that. 

Omega-3s can help regulate immune cells and reduce inflammation, making them an essential part of your body’s immune strengthening arsenal. The suite of Omega-3s (DHA, EPA, and particularly DPA) found in seal oil have been shown to down-regulate the production of pro-inflammatory molecules (cytokines) within the body, thereby assisting immune system function.

Because seal oil is particularly easy for your body to absorb (especially when compared to fish oil), it is an excellent choice for immune-strengthening.

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How is seal oil made?

Seal oil for sale in Canada has been refined following the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The seal oil itself is not chemically altered — it is a 100% natural and pure product — but it is refined to eliminate environmental toxins, including PCBs and heavy metals. Refining also stabilizes the oil, increasing resistance to oxidation. 

Seal oil may be enriched with a natural antioxidant (listed as a tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, on the ingredients list) before being transported.

Is the seal harvest humane?

The standard 3 step method for harvesting seals was developed in accordance with recommendations from the Independent Veterinarians Working Group (composed of members from Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere.) 

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in 2014 announced that Humane Harvesting training would be mandatory for all holders of a commercial seal license. 

It is against the law to harvest a whitecoat (seal pup). No seal will be hunted in whelping or breeding patches.

Is the seal harvest sustainable?

➵ Not only is the harvest sustainable, it is necessary.

➵ The population of Harp Seals currently sits around 7.5 Million in the Northwest Atlantic.

➵ The Harp seal is currently listed as a “species of least concern” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

➵ The Harp seal eats up to 20 times its own body weight. Seal predation threatens other marine species i.e. capelin, mackerel, cod, wild Atlantic salmon, and others. Science predicts that Southern Gulf cod will be extinct in 30 years due primarily to seal predation.

Are seals endangered?

➵ WASPU Seal Oil comes from the Harp seal and the stock currently sits at about 7.5 million seals, six times the population size recorded in the 1970’s.

➵ The IUCN lists the Harp seal as a “species of least concern” and is currently trending upward in population size.

Check here for more information: https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/41671/45231087

Waspu Oil For Pets

Is Waspu Oil for Pets good for my Senior pet?

Waspu Oil for pets offers a lot of benefits for your senior pet but probably the biggest one is the ability for Omega-3 Seal Oil to fight inflammation.  Inflammation is more than just problems with joints and stiffness, it also affects their skin and dander issues.  Omega-3’s have been found to help with some animal skins issues caused by inflammation.  Omega-3’s have also been proven to help with your pets ability to move around. Omega-3 Seal Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help reduce swelling and over time can help manage your pets senior years so they can live out their best life. 

What if my pet has allergies or is a picky eater?

The good news is that pets love seal oil! Even the pickiest eater will love having seal oil daily. Seal oil is Hypoallergenic and a safe choice for your pet with allergies or sensitive stomachs. 

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